WATCH: Phalloplasty Philes: Snuffalupagus (NSFW but Blurred)

A Chapter of the Reddit Chronicles


Heads up that the audio is slightly out of sync briefly in the beginning, and then it resolves.

All right.

Welcome back to The Reddit Chronicles. I'm your host.


And today we are looking at User Cryolophasaurus666

saying don't repost my Pixel videos.

I am not Botched.

You will judge for yourself momentarily if you'd

like to support me in what I'm doing,

which is attempting to document the different angles

of the trends movement into one place so

that people can have their questions answered easily.

And so that critical analysis of these stories

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I'm so sad this keeps happening.

Freaking arseholes.

Sharing and redistributing my pics and

unkind subs and sharty websites.

They don't know anything about what I'm

going through or the follow process.

Never mind my surgeon's own unique process.

Always a good sign when the

surgeon has a unique process.

People saying my surgeon should have his license revoked,

saying I'm botched and mutilated other trans people bashing

me, my body, my foul plastic in general, they're

so far keen on uneducated and all they do

is talk shit and mock me when I am

more than happy to explain and answer questions.

If you don't have anything nice to say,

keep your mouth shut and mind your business.

I freaking know.

It's too high up right now.

I still have three more surgeries and I

know that the people in this is directed

towards won't see this, but seriously, Fark off.


Please go outside and pet a dog or something.

Lulu, come here.

JK Growling Good Kitty.

Please go ahead.

I'm doing what I want with my body

and it has nothing to do with you.

Okay, so let's see what sort of totally

fine, normal foul plastic this person has.

It's not at all. Bodge. Are you guys ready? Come here.

Jk, I need your emotional support right now. Come here.

Emotional support acquired.

This is going to be a tough one.

You guys ready?

So we're going to go over to Ye old posts.

Ten weeks postop.

Are you guys ready?

If you're eating, please stop eating.

If you're reading Dr.

Seuss, you're going to find out

that his Copyright has been infringed.

Last chance to look away.

I'm not going to blur this one because

it's stomach skin, so it should be fine.

I will blur the part that looks like genitals.

Last chance.

Oh, my God.

Look away. Look away. Don't look. Don't look.

It's too bad. Look away.

What is going on?

And then here is the same person.

From another angle, you can see that this is similar to

the one that I had done a response to as one

of the Phalloplasty Philes more recently, and in her case,

she had only had the lines done here.

You can see that the next stage of that

is to take this group of skin, this convenience

handle here, and then approximate the two sides leaving

her with this sort of snuffalupagus.

appendage here.

20 days until stage three.

Feeling good.

Skin is closing in quickly.

One thing I want to mention is that

I noticed today where my urethra is.

The red flesh pops out a tiny bit after

I pee but it goes back in almost immediately.

Kind of weird, but I'm not too worried.

Why would you be worried?

Also, my right side sticks out a little bit more than my

left which has been bothering me for a few weeks now.

I'll probably be fine after the next stage

where Doc will take some skin from the

left side to even out my abdomen. Good luck. Good luck.

Evening. That out.

That area has been an insecurity

of mine for a long time.

Regardless of surgery.

Could it be that you have some body issues?

Some self image issues?

Could that be? that area - Sorry.

Maybe he can do something about it to make it smoother.

So just little lipo smoother right out.

I'll have to remember to mention

it during my next appointment.

Open to all questions but please check my FAQ first.

All right.

Let's see what other content of hers we can repost.

As you can see this first and underwent mastectomy.

Double mastectomy.

Probably elective.

They've ended up with one of these Phantom migratory

nipples that's trying to escape into the pit.

As you can see, the nipples are also weirdly shaped.

They're jagged and such.

And these scars are enormous.

And asymmetrical. just another look at the chest,

you can see that it looks like shit.

And then here is a broader

picture of her neophallus monstrosity appendage.

What about this is supposed to prevent suicide?

What about doing this to a

person improves their mental health?

My mental health would not be improved by

having my body changed to look like this.

No mentally well person would agree to this.

The only people that agree with this - to agree

to allow somebody to do this to their bodies

are people who are so mentally ill that nonsense has started to make sense.